ROBOTseries /

Choose the complete flexibility for your production.

State of the art robotic enables not only a  high performance level, but also small footprints and smart operation.

Equip your company for the future.

CLASSICseries /

Decide on the classic standard.

Long proved designs allow you the best performance and highest quality.

We are happy to advice you in your purchase decision.

/ BASICseries /

The cost optimized solution for your production will be launched in 2019.

BatteryExpertAnalyzer /

Production machines and process data storage software from a single source. 

Rely on BEA of LAMBERT//dynamics and benefit from many years of experience in the design of user interfaces and hardware design.

 Get fit for inudstrie 4.0

SMARTcontrol /

New touch for HMI - the challenges of networked production require innovative solutions.

With a smartwatch app, machine visualization becomes mobile.

Really mobile.